Egypt is renowned for its cultural depth and tolerance, its intellectual capital and its stable economic and political institutions, ensuring an environment that is conducive to long term business investment.

The Government of Egypt (GOE) is undertaking a dynamic approach to encourage investment and actively work to create an environment that enables investors to operate profitably in Egypt. Towards the realization of its goal, the GOE undertook a series of reforms regarding its policies as well as its institutional frameworks to pave the way for an improved investment climate and a more developed business environment in Egypt.
New set of government policies, investment laws, and guarantees have been introduced with the purpose of fortifying investment environment in Egypt.

On one hand, Egypt's proximity to international markets and the rapidly growing demand for certain industries, locally as well as worldwide, play a vital role in encouraging exports and improving productivity.
On the other hand, new investment laws and government regulations have recently eased international trade barriers and allowed more competition through bringing foreign investment flows into Egypt, as well as increasing competitiveness of Egyptian businesses to meet international standards and compete in the global markets.
As a result of international trade agreements, Egypt enjoys a wide range of market access to North America, China, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, with its central location bridging the three continents, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

As part of the coherent and comprehensive framework set off by the Ministry of Investment, a number of exceptional incentives are being granted to companies in particular for their purchases of stakes in public sector enterprises, and their endeavor for administrative restructuring and financial modernization.
Incentive Based Zones

Free Zone Investment.
Inland Investment.
Special Economic Zones
Investment Zones
Southern Egypt Development Program


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