1. Members are welcomed into a diverse network of influential individuals and businesses- large and small;
  2. Membership offers exclusive opportunities to forge strong personal relationships with senior business people, government decision-makers and senior practitioners across many different fields in both Egypt and Ethiopia. Plus, getting privileged invitations and discounted access to a wide-ranging program of corporate events;
  3. Have access to the resources and connections to successfully navigate the commercial environment in Egypt & Ethiopia and set up successful commercial ventures;
  4. Discounts for representatives of member company to attend numerous program and events organized across Egypt and Ethiopia;
  5. Comprehensive listing in the Ethiopian-Egyptian Business Council’s (EEBC’s) online membership directory;
  6. Entitlement to use “Member of the Egyptian-Ethiopian Business Council” in business correspondence and to display an official certificate of membership;
  7. Access to the members-only resources;
  8. Access to relevant and timely business-focused information through newsletters;
  9. An opportunity to be part of a strong collective voice to Government on matters concerning Egyptian-Ethiopian trade;
  10. And many other opportunities!

The New-Spirited services of the Ethiopian-Egyptian Business Council (EEBC)

Access to EGYPT and ETHIOPIA member resources and services
Invitation to EEBC events, conferences, trade missions, and networking functions
Access to senior leadership of the Egypt-Ethiopia Business Council
Advance notice of important public and private events in Egypt and Ethiopia
Special invitations to private executive discussions (i.e. Roundtable Series, ‘Closed Door’ events)
Pre-program reception with dignitaries at selected events
VIP seating for CEO/Chairman at selected events
CEO/Chairman receives direct access to dignitaries at selected events (if available)
Leadership role in setting the strategic direction of the Egyptian-Ethiopian Business Council
Eligible for “Chairman’s Circle” only events
Eligible to serve on EEBC Board or Committees
Access to members directory

Briefings on the current Trade & Investment situations
Market Researches - Market insight and analysis - Competition analysis
Complimentary access to all webinar series programs
Complimentary subscription to EEBC publications:
A Business Guide to Ethiopia & Egypt
Industry Sector Reports
News Clips Service
- EEBC Bulletin

Sustained efforts to inform and educate government officials of both countries on the vital commercial interests and opportunities
Presentation of bilateral business issues to Egypt and Ethiopian government agencies on behalf of members
Direct engagement on advocacy-related issues with Egypt and Ethiopia Government officials on behalf of members
Priority notice of special events with Egypt and Ethiopia Government leaders
Participate in private, high-level meetings on advocacy-related issues in Egypt and Ethiopia
Eligible to participate in setting EEBC advocacy goals
Annual Advocacy Brief

Use of EEBC media vehicles to raise company profile including website, publications, and social media
Opportunities for sponsorship at events held by or supported by the Business Council
Opportunity for hosting/sponsoring official Delegations and Ministers
Counseling on cultural protocols and business practices for doing business in Egypt and Ethiopia
Customized, company-specific Business Advisory Services
Assistance with securing appointments with government leaders and senior corporate executives
Assistance with securing appointments with government leaders and senior corporate executives

Support letter
Visa facilitation
Business & pleasure

Business Advisory Services

The Business Advisory Services (BAS) team provides quality one to one business advice and support to Egypt and Ethiopian companies that have the potential and commitment to develop and maintain new business relationships. Our scope of services is defined by the needs of the companies we serve and includes in-depth analysis of political, economic and regulatory issues, visa facilitation, partner identification and qualification, negotiation, and early relationship troubleshooting, among others. We do not just facilitate business, we help companies steer the course!


Doing Business Guides

Interested in doing business in Egypt or Ethiopia? The Ethiopian-Egyptian Business Council (EEBC) provides information on basic cultural etiquette and business attire, travel guides, visa facilitation, import and export regulations, and important trade contacts. Additionally, the EEBC offers easy-to- use fact sheets on the two economy and individual economic sectors. Members can also access information on doing business by visiting the website.

Online Store

As a premier association on economic opportunities for both Egypt and Ethiopian business communities, the Ethiopian-Egyptian Business Council (EEBC) will continually expand its collection of publications. Sector reports, news and information, and other related publications allow you to stay informed of the Ethiopian & Egyptian business climate and investment  opportunities that might directly impact your market and industry.

Press Releases

The Ethiopian-Egyptian Business Council (EEBC) undertakes many initiatives to continually expand business opportunities between Egyptian and Ethiopian companies. We strive to ensure that our members and the general public are regularly informed of the Council's initiatives and activities.

Resource Links

The Business Council is pleased to offer a directory of links to relevant organizations that aid in promoting Egypt-Ethiopia trade and investment. The directory includes government agencies, chambers of commerces, and multilateral organizations.

About Us

The Ethiopian Egyptian Business Council (EEBC) is a non-profit, member-based... Read More

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