The Ethiopian Egyptian Business Council (EEBC) is a non-profit, member-based premier business advocacy organization dedicated to foster, develop, and expand the strategic business alliance between Egypt and Ethiopia. (EEBC) is the bilateral trade and investment facilitator, catalyst and advocate.
The EEBC focuses on three primary services for its member companies:

  • Policy formulation & advocacy
  • Business expansion, and
  • Network development

Policy Formulation and Advocacy

The Ethiopian-Egyptian Business Council (EEBC) serves as an advocate for Egyptian & Ethiopian companies on macroeconomic, investment, and
trade policies that enhance the ability of member companies to access each other’s market. The EEBC is the premier venue for addressing these
and other issues both with Egyptian and Ethiopian governments. The EEBC works to influence trade and investment policies that arise in Egyptian and Ethiopian legislative bodies.

Business Expansion

The Ethiopian-Egyptian Business Council (EEBC) gives significant attention to the expansion of business opportunities for its member companies. It identifies projects, ventures, and partners that facilitate increased business for member companies.

Network Development

The Ethiopian-Egyptian Business Council (EEBC) seeks to create formal and informal relationships with like-minded organizations in both Egypt and Ethiopia. It also works to establish strategic ties with existing business development organizations in both countries.

EEBC Policy Priorities

  • Promote and advocate Egypt-Ethiopia free trade agreement;
  • Advocate for increased dialogue on the economic partnership between Egypt and Ethiopia;
  • Alert both governments on the importance of Egypt-Ethiopia commercial relationship;
  • Increase bilateral trade and investment in various ways including via the development of Industry Zones;
  • Promote intellectual property rights;
  • Improve regulatory reform and decrease trade barriers;

EEBC near Future Endeavors

  • The Ethiopian-Egyptian Business Council (EEBC) will seek additional partners in Egypt and Ethiopia to form initiatives in order to carry out
    the council's activities in various areas, such as entrepreneurship and technology transfers.
  • New customized events and conferences addressing bilateral trade priorities that will focus on bilateral trade & investment.
  • Most important, the council will work hard to take up the issues that impede bilateral commerce and work towards liberalizing trade barriers, creating new jobs, and expanding the economic links between Egypt and Ethiopia.

About Us

The Ethiopian Egyptian Business Council (EEBC) is a non-profit, member-based... Read More

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